Today, I was sitting in sixth period math class like I usually am, and started thinking about what to blog about today — as I normally do in that boring excuse for a class. Then, I thought “Hey, I have absolutely no inspiration for a blog post today!”. And that’s when it struck me. Why not make a blog post…about blog posts? Let me explain; how about ways to get blog post ideas, give some blog post ideas, and things of that nature? Yes, that sounds just about right.

Inspiration, oh what a glorious thing..

I normally find inspiration for my blog posts in my everyday life, for example, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you will probably remember my post from awhile back about how I disagree with braces being forced upon teenagers. That inspiration came from a friend of mine getting braces and being ticked that she had no say as to whether she got them or not. Another post I wrote about is religion; I’m in a religion where I disagree a lot with, and think about it a lot. I also wrote about a whole bunch more in the past, and well, to sum it up I normally get my inspiration for blog posts in everyday life with everyday things. I find the trick to interesting blog posts is to go in-depth about something that everyone (or many) notice but don’t typically give thought to. Or to write about something that you would want to read a blog post about. Regardless, here are some things that I would want to read about if it was a general-like blog:: jealousy, can the internet make people less social in real life?, and why people are mean – to name a few. If it was targeted toward webmasters I would want to read about:: ‘Content or design?’, ‘is it possible to make a successful forum in an over-crowded market?’, and ‘can your forum colors effect your forum’ – to name a few.

Grr brain fart…

Don’t you hate brain farts? They’re almost as bad as the other kind..but that’s a whole different story. Anywho, when I can’t think of anything to write about I normally just go and take a shower, role play, and/or free write some scenes. These probably won’t work for everyone (I know it doesn’t work for everyone) but after asking some friends and peers (and one person I found walking across a road..) what they do for inspiration in times of these ever so dangerous brain farts I have accumulated these replies:

–Take a shower

–Sleep (and dream)


–Role play

–Call a friend

–Read a book

–Listen to music


–Free write

–Watch TV

–Solve math problems

–Take a walk/run

–Sit outside and listen to nature

Some of them..I’m not so sure about; but they must work for some person out there..heh. I liked the one girl who said she “danced” the lack of inspiration off.