First off, this is probably just about the most basic post ever. Second off (do ‘normal’ people say that?) I have had a more recent music-obsession with Emilie Autumn – expect a post about her and her music soon.  Now on to the actual blog post…

As I sit down upon my bed, hot chocolate at side, I ponder the reasons as to why I spend 4/5 of my day on this amazing thing called the internet. Well, someone who you may or may not know named Leo Ghost ( he can be found at his website; ) said something like “Stop caring what others think and unlock your true potential.” either on his website or on some forum, but it stuck in my head. Online you can be whoever, whatever, and anything you want to be. No, I did not show you, or bring up that quotation out of pure randomness, it relates to it like this; if you’re obese, have an acne-filled face, or are just generally insecure in real life, you can escape that online. I personally am not insecure, over weight, or have more pimples than the average teen, but still like to break away from real life many times. I also quite possibly have the most annoying, argumentative, little brother ever to walk the face of the Earth, so that adds to me wanting to escape real life even more.

In real life you kind of have to care about what others think, whether you want to admit it or not is another thing. For example, if you’re the president of the United States, would you go out and have intercourse with everyone female/male who likes you? No, because it would lower your reputation and probably get you out of office one way or another — so you wouldn’t..because it’ll change how people think of you. ( sorry for being off topic) Really, I could say that I’m a thirty-five year old male named Andrew, currently working for Google and has a lovely wife and two kids. Because, to the run of the day internet goer, you couldn’t prove that I’m not, providing of course that you don’t have my IP. I, obviously, am not a thirty-five year old Google staff member, but instead am simply Anathema. But…how can you be sure? That can be a scary, but amazing thing. For all you know, I could be Obama. Oh yes.

Also, you have the freedom online to bring out everything that you can’t do in real life — talk to people from everywhere (except North Korea I think), even face-to-face if you have a video chat on. You can make beautiful art, games, interactions, and even take the place of someone or something else in an online role play. Oh gosh, are the possibilities not endless? I can do things on the internet that I could never – would never be able to do in real life.

One bad thing about the internet, that I find is that it can be consuming. If all I do is Tweet, blog, and “like” pages, then will I ever aspire to anything in real life? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Maybe I will make a living online – but, so many people are doing that, or trying to do that now-in days that it would be quite difficult. On that side, if I don’t get a job online, yet have wasted all my time that I could have been studying, applying for jobs, ect. then I may not get a good, or any job in real life and just like..go bankrupt. Have my wife/husband leave me with the kids. Be forced to live under a bridge and sell crack. *Weeps at the thought*