Jeez, look’et this. Post one hundred. I decided to do it on something universal; something that has been having a large impact on my life. Enjoy. Or if you hate it, look forward to the two-hundred post ;)

School; where to begin…somewhere that all (or nearly all) children who go to a public school have to go to for about eight hours a day for about one hundred and eighty days (in Americas’ case, I’m not sure about Britain and Australia). Most-many of the children in the American public school system are not pleased to go there. Why? Because most American children would prefer to be on their bums playing video games, or outside playing football, or texting their boyfriend or girlfriend. I myself am guilty of not enjoying school, but then I thought more about it to write this. Whether the children or teens in the school systems would like to admit it we need school. Sooner or later everyone would get bored with playing games, and get bored with having the same thing over and over. Sometimes in school it seems as though you’re learning the same thing over and over, or you’re learning shit (I’ll talk about that later), when in reality there would be nothing around here to do or for us if it was not for the educational system. If no-one went to school then no one would have the ability (besides internet, which not everyone has) to learn about new jobs, new information for jobs, or get into collages — there wouldn’t be any. And, how would the job system work out? If there were no education systems then the jobs management boss wouldn’t be able to have a good idea on what kind of people or records of people applying (their educational background and record wise). Furthermore, if you think about it, the schools are a truly amazing place. What other building can manage – control – four-hundred or so delinquents? It’s amazing that they can run successfully. Hats off to teacher who have to deal with all the assholes in the schools.

From my experience in school I know how bad it can be though; cheating, the bathrooms, drama, boy-girl tandems, fighting, drugs, and the cliques. I personally know what it’s like to be the one listening to everyone talking about a party that I wasn’t invited too, or getting pressured into helping someone cheat or doing something…regretful. So, when you think about it; are schools that necessary? Home-schooling comes to mind but I know this; if my mother ever tried to home-school me it would permanently damage what…uncomfortable relastionship we already have. And, well, I haven’t gone to my father for homework help since first grade because his version of teaching is screaming when you don’t get it or make a stupid mistake. Cyber schooling also comes to mind, and I personally think that is an extremely sensible thing. For one, it doesn’t put pressure on people and the kids to wear something “cool” or worry about their sexuality. I also know that it can be easier to talk to someone online, especially if you’re a generally shy person. Though, it is also easier to throw insults over the web, because you’re not face-to-face. Cheating would also be so much easier over the web (Google ftw ;)

If I ever have children (doubt it, I’m not an attractive person and there are much smarter, funnier, and conversationalist-type people out there.) I would send them to a cyber school for first and second grade as long as I don’t live in an isolated place (if I did I would send them to public for the sake of other children’s interactions), then give them the choice as to what way they would like to get schooled for third grade and up. Half because I believe that everyone should have a choice to what happens to them (because the outcomes come from those decisions) and half because I know that I wish that someone would have allowed me to have that decision.

Also, it sometimes seems like the shit you learn in school is useless; I am guilty of thinking this thought. The other day in fourth period I was listening to my English teacher ramble about the types of pronouns. Will I ever say “Wow, that was an F’in amazing demonstrative pronoun you used back there”? Chances are, not. Will I ever have to use algebraic expressions in the future? The chances are more not than the opposite. But fact is, you have to learn it for the future. No getting around it. You’ll have to know it in college, and depending on what career you choose (And just for the record, I consider prostitution, drug dealing, and being a porn star jobs) you may need to know it. Obviously if you’re a professional singer you probably will not need to know the types of pronouns, but if you want to be a teacher you might need to know them. And really, does anyone know what’s going to happen? If you don’t pay attention in class, then later have a change of heart and want to be an English professor then you may regret the choices of having a “fuck it” attitude in school.

Last of all…I would just like to say that I think that public schools in America (being an American student) do have many faults, but that there’s no reason to bitch about them. If a kid wants to learn more, well, they have dictionaries and the internet at their finger tips. Instead of complaining about the public school systems, why not go out and buy a computer and teach the kid yourself, or hire a tutor? American teachers are not perfect, but then, who is? (*stops self from going off topic with religion*) I saw a Youtube video and news casting *ranting* about it, and it annoyed me to death, saying that other countries are getting a better education. They had parents come on, and one came on about a high schooler who was reading at either a first grade level, or couldn’t read (I forget which). Ever think that it’s you, the parents fault partely? You’re supposed to be helping the kid too, not just the teachers. And if it seriously took you until the kid was in high school that he couldn’t read, well, then I think you should go find a parenting class to bitch about where they went wrong. Heh.

Hope you enjoyed :)