Now, if you have not already, I would recommend reading this post that I posted a day or two ago. It gives a background on what NanoWrimo is (so that you’re not completely clueless as to what I’m doing this for).

OK, so I know I’m not supposed to officially start writing a story for NanoWrimo until November first…but during math class today I couldn’t help but come up with *prologue*.

Basically, what I have in mind so far is a suspense with a little bit of romance and scary kind of story. The main character(s) is/are definitely going to be Lina Lindsey, Austin Rosatru, Marshall Jabu, and/or Fiona Sufour. I’m not sure, but those are most certainly some names that I like, and will – if given the chance in the story – will use. Since I can’t start writing..I decided to make some possible character charries for it heh. I’m not sure if these are the actual characters that I’ll be using for the story, but they look right for what I’m picturing at the moment. There will probably be many more to come.There’s nothing that says I can’t…and visualizing it beforehand could be really beneficial.

(Haha, the site I use to make these automatically makes all the males look feminine)

I love characters that..look their personality. They make for great descriptions and are perfect for complex plots.

I’ve been on the NanoWrimo forums to get acquainted before started writing (they have amazing forums for support, ideas, and where people can give opinions, and just generally chat about NanoWrimo). I find it quite amazing that so many young and old writers can come together on that one forum and write a 50,000 word story in one month while supporting others who are doing it.

OH! I almost forgot; since I decided on the basic theme of what the story is going to be (the plot has been on reply in my head over and over all day), I also decided on the title. The title as of now is “Prolonged” x3 Great things sometimes come from terrible people hehe (inside joke, 99.9% who read won’t understand ;)
Also, someone made me a cover for it ^^ – Click to view