Wow, just about all my posts have been about writing lately. ‘Physicin’ myself up for NanoWriMo I suppose.

(This post is no exception hehe)

I love to listen to music while I work or write (I consider working and writing partly the same and partly different, but that’s a thought for another day). Though, while singing along with it I get less done, it makes it more..’fun’. It also makes things less dreary and makes them seem like they twaddle on less than they really are.

Also, I heard that music can effect your emotions. I can vouch for that; so many songs can get me happy or sad *snaps* like that. A lot of my music is Eminem or Emilie Autumn, so a lot of what I listen to isn’t extremely happy…but yeah. I love the song g6, so many dance possibilities are attached to it — pure dance song. Just sayin’. While I’m saying random things that no one cares about, allow me to add that Emilie Autumn is so talented that it’s not even funny. She’s an amazing violinist, poet, and singer. She has…a sarcastic flare to some of her songs that I adore. Like “The art of suicide” and “thank god I’m pretty” she’s being sarcastic in. I love that. Eminem has that flare in a few of his songs too, but, I must admit, although Eminem is still tops for me, she is too amazing. I hope to get her album soon.

While writing (and for the coming NanoWriMo) I have a set playlist::

  1. Emilie Autumn – Opheliac
  2. Eminem – Spacebound
  3. Emilie Autumn – Shallot
  4. Eminem – Love the way you lie
  5. Emilie Autumn – The art of suicide
  6. Bruno Mars – Just the way you are
  7. Emilie Autumn – I know where you sleep
  8. Emilie Autumn – Marry me
  9. Far east music – Likea g6
  10. Rucka Rucka Ali – Russia’s gay

That’s basically the first songs in my bookmarks and on my IPod.

OH! Speaking of…

What’s a rapists favorite music player?



Just had to say that; it popped in my head during math class and I haven’t been able to dislodge it from my cranium.