How to be a good commenter

1.  Actually read the blog post. Wow, a hard one. If you comment “Hey, what’s up” or “How did you make your theme” or something in the nature of that, then how do people know you actually read it? You can’t make a contributing comment if you didn’t read it, as you wouldn’t know what the post is about. Also, blogs are mainly text-based, so not reading the post(s) is basically defeating the purpose of it. If you don’t want to read, then go find a picture book.

2. Use proper grammar, spelling, and puncuation. It bothers me so much when someone tipes liek dis, ya no. It makes you look like an idiot, make your look unprofessional, and makes you look like an eleven year old girl who just discovered a keyboard ;) Who wants that kind of comment, even if it does even semi contribute?

3. Slander increases your likelyness to get a STD, cancer, and breast cancer (‘specially if you’re a male). Don’t make comments being rude or obnoxious to the blog owner or fellow commentors. Common manners are so easily forgotten now-in-days.

4.  Don’t post links in your comment. Chances are, your comment will just automatically be marked as spam. You can comment like this if you wish, but the owner of the blog will know you’re a spammer and most likely block you.

5. Using keyword names is so effin’ annoying. Don’t do it. Do. Not. Do. It. First of all, if someone wants to reply to you, how stupid will it look and sound if they say “Hello car free insurense,” or something like that? It makes it less personal too. And shows that you’re only there for an easy backlink (and even if you are only there for a backlink, you should at least try to contribute a  bit in return for that free backlink. If you make a helpful post or something there, they may check it out simply for that reason also ;)