The other day, my best friend and I..had a wee-little fight. It happened around Friday night if I recall correctly, and had lasted all weekend where we didn’t talk to each other at all. Considering we’re constantly shoulder to shoulder in the hall ways and passing notes in class, I would assume even the teachers noticed that something was wrong. The fight stopped at the end of the day when one of us did something and the other laughed, started talking to each other again and everything was cool again. This kind of made me remember the friend I had in second grade, lets call her “Beth” (not her real name, but I want to call her something haha). Beth said that I did something on her Webkinz account (no, I don’t play webkinz anymore, but I used to). I said that was stupid because I didn’t even know her password. She said that I must have watched her typing or something and saw her password, or she left her login up when she was at my house. I told her that I never did..but she didn’t believe me. I was as depressed as a seven-year-old girl can get for a few days, but then got over it. We haven’t talked since.

First off, let me say that girls tend to fight with words and looks. Girls tend to spread rumors, talk behind each others backs, and so on – but it’s almost never physical. I find it completely repulsive when a girl gets involved in a physical fight, just for the record. The fight that my current friend and I had started with one of us supposedly telling someone something or another about something. I don’t even know what to be completely honest with you.

The experience with “Beth” and my current friend have made me think; will true friends always makeup somehow, and if not your friendship was not meant to least anyhow? So, if I started being all B*tchy to my current friend right now, and we never talked again, would it mean that we were not meant to be friends in the first place even if I purposely did it to test out fate? Would we become friends again somehow? Ugh, I’m never good with psychology or whatever the correct term is for what I’m doing right now. If her and I were to have a fight right now and never talked again, would it be fate? If I started purposely being mean to her right now to see if we would be friends again, would it be fate that we were not supposed to be friends, or would it just be my unluckyness?

I wish I could know, but I don’t think that it would be worth it at all to test it out haha. (Any speculations can be posted via comments. I hate ham. Ham is spam. Spam is ham. Bots are ordered to be driven out of my clan territory on sight ;)