OK, the other day I was sitting in History class. Average day (though the History teacher is my favorite teacher, so it’s always fun). I asked to go get a drink of water from the water fountain. The teacher approved and I went to go get a drink – it tasted like blood! I’m not even joking. It did. The teacher uses a red marker on the classrooms white-board. He had erased it in some sort of way that made it look like it was dried blood oozing out of the walls. It was such an odd class period.

I asked the teacher what to do if the zombies come through the door in the front of the room; he said that in which case we would go out the window. I asked what would we do if they came through the window. He responded that we would go through the door in that case. I then proceeded to ask what we would do if they came through both ways..he said that he has a portal to the womans bathroom in his close…yeah so that’s one classroom you’re safe in I suppose haha.

Anyway, I think that zombies are so facinating. Don’t you think it would make you stop and stare if suddenly from the cemetary a hand or bone randomly arose from the ground, and a dead skull-like thing came around trying to bite you and eat everything? If they didn’t bite or eat they would make amazing slaves. Just sayin’ without implying that I believe in slavery — because I do not believe in keeping a human or something with a beating heart captive. I believe it strongly; my cat has a kitty-door (she can walk in and out of the house at any time without me opening it) so that she isn’t forced to stay inside the house and do something if she wishes to be outside hunting a mouse or stalking a bird or some other thing that cats enjoy doing.

Ugh, I get so off-topic all the time! Grr, why can’t I focus on one thing without going into other things. I feel like such a conversationalist sometimes. In real life I’ll be talking or someone else will be talking and I’ll be like “Oh, speaking of..” then say something completely unrelated or only semi-related. Or completely related but like..long and such.

Anyway, back to the zombies.

I wonder why in movies they always have the zombies with dirt and such on them — chances are, they were in a coffin  that is closed, so how would dirt get into it? I can see their clothes being torn up because of their decomposing, same with their body, but not all dirty. Just moldy. Oh, and how they normally have maggots coming out of them in movies: uhm how would a maggot get into it? It’s been underground for a few years. Maggots are fly eggs. Flys are not underground (living anyway). Since zombies are supernatural, I can see them being able to run. I have no idea why an image of them running with their hands outstreached always comes to mind when i think of zombies though.

On a different note…

All right children, gather round. Who knows what NaNoWriMo is?
*one raises hand*
“It is National Novel Writing Month!”
Very good, little Edwin! Now, if you don’t understand it from that, basically NaNo is a worldwide challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.
*one kid raises hand*
“Why are we learning about this?”
Well, little Charlee, that is a very good question. We are learning about this because I, Anathema, am participating this year!
“But that means you won’t be online that much!!”
Calm down, little Taco, and remember to raise your hand. Yes, I won’t be online nearly as much for the entire month of November, because all my spare time will go to writing. Try not to miss me too much!
*children cry*
Aw, now, don’t cry! I have cookies! *hands out cookies to everyone*