Over the last few days, you may have noticed that there have been no new posts.
Oh why dear Ana has there been none? I do enjoy reading your posts!
Well, it’s because I’ve been thinking.
Really? I never knew you had thought!
Oh yes, yes I do.
Well, what have you been thinking of, dear Ana?
I’ve been thinking about things that you can’t see, hear, no smell.
Please don’t tell me you’re about to go into some religion talk, Ana..

Can you imagine a color you’ve never seen? What if I told you to draw a picture of a penguin with a stomach the color “golch”. You would think I was crazy, stupid, or have no idea what the word “color” means. But, what if on another planet there was a color called that? Us as Homo Sapiens wouldn’t be able to imagine it as there is nothing on Earth that is that color. I always wonder why we can’t picture new colors or “unimaginable” things. And when I say new colors, I don’t mean a new shade of tickle-me pink, or a new shade of lime green, but a whole new section of color. Is it that we just are not imaginative enough to envision a whole new one, or that they don’t exsist? I don’t really think that anything doesn’t exsist, and believe that if it doesn’t exsist that it can be made. So, assuming there are colors that we don’t know of, why isn’t there anything with those colors? Is it just INSERTWHAT/WHOMADEEARTHANDSUCHHERE (to prevent me giving a religious or nonreligious opinion) didn’t make our brains compatible enough to think of that? (*Fails at resisting urge to say this*) In the Christian bible, it says that our human brains cannot fathom how Christ was made since he was always around, and there was nothing to make him. So is it just that our brains cannot register colors other than ones that branch off of the primary colors? *shrugs*

What about time travel or teleportation? Our minds have registered those and thought upon thought about them – yet, they are labeled “imposible”. I could use that corny line stating “impossible is nothing” (which, by the way can be reversed to ‘nothing is impossible’.). But, that corny line can also be countered with “Have you ever tried to slam a revolving door?”. Which can also be countered with “I meant all by itself!”. Which (as you have have caught on to or predicted) can be countered with “well, humans helped make time travel and things possible, so they are not just doing them themselves!” and so on and so on. It really could go on forever haha.

But what makes the difference of something being thought of yet labeled impossible or a myth and something that our minds just are not cabable of fathoming? It blows my mind away to think of the possibilities that are out there, the things that could and will eventually be done, yet are not thought of. It’s amazing. In five years time (assuming Incan and Aztec calenders are correct and 2012 is not the end of the world as we know it) we could have found seven new colors (*dwufj, ufkshdc, anufkd, fdhkas, fsafueoa, faipnd, and fhusif. Want me to pronounce them for you? They’reYaklfsnbferian), Eminem as president, time travel, have gone three galexies over, have discovered Earths second planet, Rucka Rucka Ali as Vice president, teleportation, the Nessy exposed, and so much more. And all that is keeping us away from them and those things from happening now is that no one is allowing it to happen or dreaming it up, or allowing it into their cranium so that it can’t become reality.

Think of it from like a painters perspective. There’s so much you can do, but it will never happen unless you make it happen. The brush isn’t just going to get up and draw masterpieces itself; you need to help and be the support beams for the brush and feed it what you know or want to know.