Well, due to my lack of inspiration and creativity today I have decided to share simply a recipe with you. Also, Christmas (or simply December 25th if you happen to be in a religion that doesn’t celebrate it) is nearing, so I figured a pretty ‘lil cookie recipe would be in order. Santa loves this kind of cookie, as do his elfs, Mrs.Claus, and the reindeer. Although his reindeer seem to prefer carrots :)

Lolled Xmas cookies


-Two (2) cups of sugar
-One (1) cup of butter
-Three (3) eggs
-Half (1/2) cups of milk
-One (1) tea-spoon of baking soda
-Three (3) tea spoons of baking powder
-One (1) tea-spoon of baking powder
-An IQ level over 90
-One (1) tea-spoon of vanilla
-Two (2) bowels
-One (1) spoon
-Eight (8) cups of flour

In case you’re having a “doh” kind of day, I’ll also add that all of those go in a bowel.

First cream the butter, sugar, and eggs together in the bowel.
Beat them well and then add half of your flower to that mix.
Then add half of the milk into the mix, mix it, and then add the rest of the flower, mix, and add the rest of the milk, and mix again.
Then add any of the ingredients you have not yet used but were mentioned above ;)

Make sure your mixture is made into a dough kind of thing, and then use your hands to form the dough into individual palm sized balls.
Then put what you have onto a tray, into the refrigerator and let them stay there for about a night or so.

After that you can add Frosting, sprinkles,whipped cream, candy, or any other topping-like thing that tickles your fancy :) And..then eat. :) (personally recommended)