Haha I love ghetto people. Just a random thought, the remainder of this post actually has nothing to do with that.

OK, so I just came home from confirmation (where you join the church). If you know me well or have read certain blog posts from previous days *hint* then you may know that I’m not completely sure what religion I belong to but am forced to join a Methodist church from the Christian religion because my parents are in it and won’t let me make the decision as to what church I go to and what I believe. Which is kind of what is unappealing about Christianity to me (you get baptised into it when you’re a few months; before you have the brains and time to figure out what beliefs and religion you think and believe in).

Moving on, I was talking to the youth director or someone high in the church statuses. We were talking about Satin or something of the such and he used an example that went something like “You have your head turned and walk into a street; not noticing the bus coming. Is the bus Satin coming to get you for not following him?” or something like that. Everyone answered “no” as that was obviously what he wanted us to say. I responded “well, metophorically you could say that Satin is the bus coming your way with your heead turned; trying to get you, trying to get you away from God and being saved”. He was a bit impressed *smirks*. And, I am now in the senior high class as opposed to being in the junior high class. I’m glad.

Why am I glad, you may be pondering. I will tell you. Because I strongly dislike the junior high class. Why? Well, the teacher didn’t even know who wrote Revelations. She couldn’t recite the lords prayer by heart to quote in one of our lesions. John obviously wrote Revelations, and the lords prayer is something that ‘lil Christians are taught when they are in pre school. I already knew all of the things she was teaching, and well, I’m not trying to be a smartass, but she was acting really stupid.

So, I may have been complaining a lot online, but in real life I was going with this class. Making the most of it. And what came out of it? Them seeing that if I was in that class a moment longer I would start spazzically going mad? Yes, that, but also that I got something good out of it. If I had made a big deal about her being an idiot they may have thought I was being immature or a smartass and wouldn’t have let me move into the senior high class. They say that if you don’t speak up no one will ever know what you want, but you should also know when to hold your toungue. Like..at the teen choice awards in America, Kanye West took the Mic from Taylor Swift after she won something or another and he said that Rihanna should have got it (or something like that) and Taylor went and left the stage and cried. Why? Because even if Rihanna is better (she’s not), it was Taylor that won and her moment and not his. And that was just plain rude; it’s like if you won an award and someone came up and said that someone else deserved it more. Kind of mean really.

I guess that was kind of the moral of this post.

On a lighter note, who else thinks that this new theme kicks “arse”? *Raises hand*. I think it looks awesome. The only thing I don’t like is that I don’t have the option to choose a banner or change the background (unless I pay to edit the CSS, but I would buy a .me domain before editing the CSS. That is, if I had any excess money in my imaginary paypal.). But, it looks really nice overall even without a lovely banner designed by muah or an editable background or colors. If you hate it feel free to post here though and if enough hate it..I’ll change it back. If you like it you can say so also :) Or you can just not comment at all haha. Whatever floats your boat.