Here’s another tutorial :) I’m getting used to this neat video making thing. This tutorial is how to make rainbow text in GIMP.

View video tutorial –

In case you’re not a visual learner or the video sucks that badly, here are the steps that the video shows:

  1. Change the background of your test/learning image to black.
  2. Add the text you want in white color
  3. got to windows>docable dialogues> layers if you don’t already have that open
  4. right click on the text layer, then click “Alpha to selection”
  5. Click DELETE on your keyboard
  6. Go to Layer>duplicate layer three times for the text layer (creating three of that same layers)
  7. Click the gradinet option on the toolbox – it looks like
  8. Click on the first layer in the layers box that you should have open
  9. In the gradinet options, click on the “Full saturation spectrum” one. There are two of the same; you can choose either and it will not make a difference.
  10. Click and drag straight across the text you put in the image with the gradinet.
  11. Go to filter>blue>gaussian blur in the toolbar
  12. Set the gaussian opinions to: Horizontal – 10. Vertial -10. Blur method – RLE. Then click OK.
  13. (OPTIONAL) Go to filter>repeat gaussian blur. And repeat that three or so times. This part is optional.

Here were my final results –

You can also do it on a transparent background –

or with different types of blend things –