I’ve been feeling oddly uninspired lately. I have about five drafts saved that are about a quarter-half done, but I can’t think of a good conclusion. One of the best pieces of writing advice I’ve ever recieved was from an English teacher about two years ago – “Write the ending so that it’s satisfying yet leaving the reader wanting more”. May I tattoo that on my back?

Any-who, here’s a short poem I’m sharing simply because I feel bad if I don’t make at least one post a day, and I’ve been meaning to post this haha. (Written in math class♥)

Lies, Lies through dirty lies
Fills my mouth, Fills my eyes
Fills my soul, Fills my heart
When you lie, yes, you think you’re smart.

It is the mold
metaphorically it’s there
It lies in our hearts
We condemn yet bare

That’s where it starts
Doth the fair damned end?
Spread the harmful
Hurt who lend

Starting in one ear
conceiving once out
All ears hear
“He’s ugly, yes stout”

It may not, but be aware
Truth may set thou free
Yet whatever you do
Please do not lie to me.

Round of applause for a suckky side-show poem *Taco whoops, while crickets chirp*