First off, sorry for being so off schedule lately. I try to post at least once a day, but haven’t lately…*cries* Next, I’m sorry. I’m too…sad and have too much on my mind to make a pretty little post on something interesting. Instead you get one of my suckky book reviews and thoughts. And pretty please with chocolate on top please don’t hate me for having the theme bug. *one kid raises hand* Yes Taco? “What’s the theme bug?” Good question Taco, it’s when you constantly change your theme. And I swear not to anymore (or as much so); I’ve found this neat theme where I can change the background to my liking, which means that on holidays I can change the background to make it appropriate for that day or season i.e. I currently have it set as snow flakes for the comming Christmas and Winter seasons. Back to the book; and even if you haven’t ever heard of these books or plan to read them, I hope this is an interesting read haha.

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle
By L. J. Smith

Before I get started on the vampire diaries that I’m about to talk about, let me just say that I’m very happy that the fifth book in the diary of a wimpy kid series has come out. The author…Jeff Kinney (You may now feel proud of me for remembering that off of the top of my head) is a really funny guy in general (I’ve met him in real life) and his books have a humor that really grabs my attention. If you ever get a chance, read his series “Diary of a wimpy kid” there are now five books in that series.

Anyway, on the what I’m actually writing about haha.

I recently started the series “The vampire diaries”. Don’t run away just because the word “vampire” is there and tends to be associated with Twilight (and don’t think I’m dissin’ Twilight, but I live with a bunch of boys and know that they tend hate of Twilight and vampires in general because of Twilight). Basically, here’s the characters from the first book (this whole thing is from the first books point of view by the way)  (their descriptions and basic chiz about them):
Elena Gilbert: The popular one, queen of the school. Can have anyone she wants. She has long brown hair which is parted in the middle. She is kind-hearted. She’s never felt nervous with any guy until she met Stefan, her love. She tends to write in her journal a lot.
Stefan Salvatore: Easily raged by his brother, with spiky hair Stefan comes into the picture. He too writes in a journal, and has a love for Elena. He is a vampire and only drink animal blood. He’s passionately in love with Elena. Damon Salvatore: Has a very charming laugh and smile, yet selfish and arrogant.  That is Damon, along with all black clothing. He too is a vampire and driven by a hatred for Stefan, wants Elena. He most certainly would kill to have Elena.

My thoughts: Honestly, I was one of the ones who at first didn’t really want to pick up the book because of the word “vampire” and associating it with Twilight. But the writing…oh my god. The characters…oh my god. The book..oh my god.

The way in which the book as a whole was written literally left me breathless. It was so passionate, L. J. Smith paints every word so abundantly with passion that it made you feel like you were there. I couldn’t put the book down at all. I’m going through a hard time with my friends and parents (I’m doing all I can to keep my personal life out of the blog so this blog stays a general blog as opposed to a personal blog.) so it was great to be able to pick up this book and get my mind lost in another persons more…amazing troubles as opposed to just be sitting around worrying about my own. Back to the writing, I was literally afraid to walk downstairs after reading one of the chapters. I had just finished reading when *spoiler* Damon had killed the old man in the cemetery */spoiler* and had a thirst but couldn’t bring my body to walk downstairs for fear that Damon would come down and cut my neck, sucking all the blood from my body to make himself more powerful than he already was. *Shudders*.

I am an envious person. I am jealous. I wish I could paint my words with such beauty and force. My words are a mere summer breeze whereas L. J. Smiths are a tornado in comparison.

The plot? Well, I’m being completely honest here. In the middle of the book I felt that it was kind of hard to keep up with everything and that Smith could have made it more clear as to what’s going on and who is talking; I had to reread a few of the chapters in the middle of the book a few times to clarify to my mind what was happening and whose dialogue was whom. The plot in itself was quite interesting; I myself tend to predict and think what’s going to happen beforehand and believed so when I read more than one parts in the book, and they almost all turned out to be wrong. Smiths writing was like a roller coaster or a wave. The wave took you in the spit you back out, giving you enough time to stand up but not enough to run away, but get pulled back out by the very same or a different one instead. That’s the best way I can think of to describe his writing, and I’m not even sure that’s how a wave works. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the beach, ok? haha.

My favorite character is most certainly Damon. It’s easy to wish that he wasn’t there so that all the crap with happens with Stefan and Elena would never occur, but look at it this way; there has to be a bad guy in every story. Whether you choose to view it that way or not, it’s the full truth. Think of any book you’ve ever read and there’s always a protagonist in every story. And really, I’d rather have a sexy beast like Damon as the bad guy as opposed to some disease or other sort of problem that could have occured in the story. Damon keeps it interesting. Without Damon there wouldn’t be any drama, and although many like to say that they don’t like drama, that’s basically what’s in every fictionous book. I’m 99.7% sure that there will not be a protagonist in a cooking book. When I think of Damon being a sexy beast (as he is) (har har) I think of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter also. See, Draco is not necessarily the main threat or problem in the books, but he’s one of them. And frankly, he’s interesing. Not only as a character and his personality, but what he contributes to the story. I’m not sure I would be as into the Harry Potter stories without him.

Overall, it’s an amazing book. I’m not completely a big fan of the starting and beginning of the book, but it only continues to get better and better as the pages turn. Trust me. Don’t you trust me? *Smirks*