Happy thanksgiving! I’m not sure if the United Kingdom and those other places that are not in America celebrate this, so if not, pardon.

I am thankful. Really, there’s so much to be thankful for. Thankful that your mother met your father and had some free time on their hands, thankful that you have the knowledge you do, thankful that Eminem and Rucka Rucka Ali got inspired to make music..oh geeze, there’s so much out there. I remember back when I was a cute ‘lil kid watching some TV program telling about how there’s so much to be thankful for – to be frank, it went in one ear then came out the other. I wish I had realized when I was little how much there is to be thankful for, I would have done things so much differently. I think that it dawned upon me about two years ago (regarding being thankful of course). If I had realized it earlier I probably would have done more things, and generally been more…out going and tried more things when the opportunities came.

When thinking of being thankful, a big thing for me is being thankful that your house doesn’t catch on fire (or in my case, again) or that there’s not a drunk driver who happens to be near your car, or even that you’re just generally still alive. If you wern’t alive, you wouldn’t be able to thank anyone for anything. (Assuming that nothing happens after death for the time being, because technically if we believed certain Christian ways, we could thank God after death..but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post ;)

*Taco pipes up*

“What’s thanksgiving here for?”

Well Taco, that is a very good question, and I would be more than delighted to answer. What I have been taught is that long, long ago in a land not so far away (from an Americans point of view. I’m pretty sure it is extremely far away if you happen to live in the United Kingdom or Africa or somewhere like that), there were some Pilgrims and Native Americans together in a hard place. They had just survived a really cold winter and gone through some very hard times where many people had died. I suppose they were thankful that at least not everyone had died, and had a wonderful feast because of it. That’s what I have been taught anyway. And we carry on the tradition of some turkey, stuffing, and just generally good food that we all eat and digest with our kin and loved ones. We are supposed to be thankful for the food on the table, the things that we have been blessed to have, and be thankful for eachother.

Today, Thanksgiving, it is snowing. Normally it’s just a really bitter cold and wind, but today it is snowing. The first snow of the year. It’s beautiful out. Winter is really one of my favorite seasons because outside looks so beautiful when it’s wearing a white coat. This is my niece last year, it was her first snow and her first Christmas. She’s all bundled up and pretty in pink. Though, her five or so layers of coats and clothings that her mommy put on her make her look kind of fat.

So be thankful. Be gracious. Be happy, even though life can suck harder than IE sometimes. Live life to its fullest, because something may happen that will prevent you from being able to be thankful another day forward. What a corny post.

PS – You should try this – (Link) It’s a Pilgrim name generator. It’s really cool, it uses your name and gender to find a name that you would use if you were a pilgrim, and the meaning of that name. I got this:
Your Pilgrim Name Is: Love Standish
Meaning: A pilgrim is a wanderer with purpose.