Well, as I write this I have about eight drafts that I intend to finish in the wordpress admin thing. Lately I honestly haven’t been able to get into writing, and it’s really startling me. So many questions have come into my head with this such as “what’s the point” and “who cares” regarding this blog. I mean, I normally take two or more good hours in thinking and typing out a post and in that time I could be typing to become more socially active, actually send my friends a text, and all that other fun stuff that people around my age typically do. So is writing blog posts, being on forums, commenting on blogs, ect. worth it? Will anything I do online benefit my later years? I try to make a blog post daily, but as of late have been failing quite hardly at it.

Well, when the question “what’s the point in and of life” comes up, for most the answer will end up being something along the lines of to either help humanity or to have satisfaction and enjoy life. If I wanted to be a Doctor will writing blog posts and being on forums in any way what-so-ever benefit that life goal? Would it be worth it to study or test in my free time as opposed to being on the internet blogging or foruming? I honestly don’t know. You could answer with “what’s the point of anything? I’m just going to die eventually regardless” but that’s the pessimistic way of looking at it haha. Though, true.  And really, if you don’t achieve satisfaction in your young-middle ages then you’re going to be one grumpy geezer. Truth. Maybe foruming and blogging will lower your blood pressure by relaxing you (though at times it’s the complete opposite of relaxing) or by just generally making you happy, henceforth benefiting you? I am a firm believer that you can’t only have an online life and that you won’t be happy if you only have an internet life, but some people just may generally love it..so is just liking it the point?

More times than I can count have I learned things about the world, myself, and just general things when I was typing a blog or forum post. Maybe the point is not only you, but sharing what you know and think or believe to others through it…is that why I write? Maybe so? But it could also be for gaining more for yourself and benefiting others?

Maybe there isn’t a point. Now allow me to go off of the point.

I’ve been having a…bloggers block? lately. It’s not that I have a loss of things to say, it’s that I don’t want to say them. No idea why. Like I said earlier, I have about eight or so half finished drafts in the wordpress admin thing. I mean to finish them but just don’t want to. Anyway, “what’s the point”. I hate to admit this, but just a few moments ago I was fighting the urge to hit “save draft” and go to bed. But that would kind of defeat the purpose of this post now wouldn’t it? Another thing may be that I have the “why do it today when you could do it tomorrow” notion in my head as of late; but when you look at it that way, you’re just telling yourself to not do it today but to do it tomorrow. What about when tomorrow comes and you say the same thing again and again? You’ll never get it done.

I’m actually not sure what the purpose of this post was. To make ya’ll aware that I’m not posting daily like I try to to help me feel guiltier than I already do about it? To attempt to inspire myself to get into the groove of writing daily again? All plausable explanations. I think that it takes a lot of self disipline to own a blog. Writing a 600-2000 word post and trying to do it daily isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Maybe I’m declining on that self decipline? Maybe I’m just becoming lazy?

There was absolutely no point in this post. No main point. No structure. No nothing. Oh gosh I fail so hard. But now if I don’t come out with a post daily or bi-daily, I give you all permission to…uhm? I don’t know. Think up a good punishment for me. You won’t even have to though ;)

Oh my gosh, what a messy, unorganized, and topic-less post. If this is your first time reading my blog please go find a better post of mine by scrolling down or looking at the categories on the side. I wish I had never written this post..but if I don’t post it…I don’t know. I would feel odd if I didn’t post this post. So I must. *Closes eyes and waits for reactions*