I’ve got a splitting headache, plus the cold from yesterday so pardon if this post if even more messed up than the post from two days ago.

First off, I remembered this poem-like thing that I always used to say, back in the day –

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I don’t remember if there was more to it, sadly. Why did I mention this? Because I’m a random person? That’s only half of it —

Last night during my slumber I had a dream. It was odd. Partly because I rarely remember dreams so vividly, and partly because of the contents of that dream. Here’s exactly what my dream was, I remember it so well;

In the dream, the day before my mother had told me that she wouldn’t be there when I woke up. When I woke up in the dream I had not remembered that, for if I had I wouldn’t have gone outside as it is a big rule that when my parents are not home I cannot go outside for obvious reasons (I happen to live in an area where nearly the whole town is on crack or something). So when I woke up in the dream I went outside and climbed up into my special tree (there’s a special tree near my house that I can climb almost to the top — it gives me a beautiful view of everything and it makes me feel..on top of the world to be in it.). For some reason though I had gotten out and sat on a bench. I heard a car coming down the lane to my home and hid behind a tree, for some reason that I’m not sure of this car scared me. I didn’t want it to see me. It passed by without a glance, and I went back to the bench feeling foolish. I heard another car coming and didn’t move, but this one slowed down when I passed my home. I quickly ran behind the tree. I’m not sure if he saw me or not, but he did make a dangerous U-turn right in front of my house, at an angle that he could see behind the tree. He could see me. I honestly don’t remember when he called out, but I know it was something like “well, what have we got here” then whistled. It scared and angered me, I tried to run back to my house, calling out to my parents. When no-one from my family came out at my shouts I started calling my brother which is something I would almost never do, as we don’t get along well. He didn’t come out either. At that point the man from the car got out and was taking his time walking up the hill from the road to my home which was on the hill. I could now see him clearly; he had a scraggly red beard and scraggly red hair to match. His eyes didn’t fit his face, they were a beautiful misty blue, looking like something that would belong in the ocean. He was wearing a tan-brown too long coat and faded blue jeans with holes in front. That’s when I saw a pistol hanging loosely out the side of his left jean pocket. “If you want to see your family again you’ll stop ‘da noise and get in me car” he said, his voice sounded like Mike Poisners voice in this song – Link, as if he had just gone done smoking. My heart was pounding so heart that it felt like it would come out of my chest at any time. reluctantly I walked away from the door of my home and toward his car. No idea why I didn’t just walk into my house and lock the door. I got into the back of his car. “No, you’re up front with me” he muttered just loud enough to be sure I heard, but quiet enough to put a bit of menice in his voice. I got into the front of his car. “Put that seat belt on, we wouldn’t want you perty ‘lil thing to get hurt, now would we?” he then asked, grinning toward me exposing the holes in certain places where teeth were supposed to be, and most of the ones that were there were black or a deep yellow. At that point I also smelled his breathe; there are some high schoolers on my bus who obviously are crack-heads, so I’ve smelled their breathes before and they were similar to his right now, but his was much, much worse. It smelled like a mixture of beer, crack, and cigarettes. He then started up the engine which coughed and sputtered at first, then ran. He steered with one hand then put the other across my neck so I couldn’t move and barely breathe. I then realized that the hand over my neck also had the gun in it. I screamed when I heard a gunshot so close to my ear that I thought it had hit me.

Then I woke up. I had screamed both in the dream and in real life. Why did I have that dream? Because I’m messed up like that? Because I’m paranoid? Because I’m afraid? Good answers, good answers. But I honestly have no idea. I heard that you tend to dream about what you were thinking about right before you fell asleep, but I never thought about that (within that week anyway). I’m honestly kind of afraid to go outside now..

Anyway, although it terrified me out of my wits at the time and when I woke up (thinking it may be an omen or part of the future) I think it would be an interesting plot for the future *smirks*

Just curious, has anyone else ever had a weird dream like that or not like that or just weird in general? (You can tell me via comments or PM me on some forum you may know me on ;)