Well, this post is about a cluster of different books – hence the bad title which gives you very little clue as to what this post is actually about.

The Vampire Diaries book two: the fury and dark reunion

Oh my…if you’re thinking to yourself “Hey, does this Ana-chick have something for L. J. Smith?..”, well your answer is yes. His books are “epic” and “beastly” (for lack of better words). I’m about half way through the second book in his vampire diaries series. I’m going to be honest, once you get to page 447 it starts getting a bit…not as good a book in my opinion. *Spoiler* Once Elena died and it went on from her friends point of view I honestly lost a lot of interest. Does that mean that a large part of the reason I love this series was because of the main character Elena? I’m not sure. Damon and Stefan were amazing main characters in the story as well, but I think that Elena was just such a…unique personality and interesting character that it was just generally kind of sad to have her just die. Speaking of her dying, I think that the scene in almost-middle part of the book was rushed. If the almost-middle part of the book which was the scene where she’s giving up her life for Stefan and Damon to live (as opposed to die) I just feel like that went to quickly. Just an opinion though.

If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend that you check out “The secret circle”, “the vampire diaries”, or “night world”, or some other book labeled with the author “L. J. Smith”. She/he is a truly amazing author, and one of the best and my favorite.

Speaking of J. L. Smith and my love for her/him, I went to the mall at about seven-thirty am this morning to get the second book in the vampire diaries, as I mentioned above. While I was there I also found another book and series of hers/his ” Night world”. I’ll be posting something on that later, it looks like an amazing series. Although, from what I’ve read in her other books and if this series of hers/his is as good at the others, well, lets just say that I won’t be disappointed.

Angel Star:

While I was browsing through that bookstore the guy on duty (har har I said duty) there started talking to me; he picked up a book near where I was (I never noticed that was backwards was saw)  looking and started talking to me about it. He mentioned that it was a great book of the same genre that I was looking through, and said that the author was coming in on Saturday for a book signing. It looked like a great book, and I love to get my books signed by the author (it makes me feel awesome) so I started reading it right in the car. It did not disappoint. Obviously it was not as good as L. J. Smiths books, but it was a good read. the book title was “Angel star” by “Jennifer Murgia”. I loved her descriptions, they were really one of my favorite parts of her book. I’m not sure if she has written any other — I’ll have to google that tonight. I’ll write something more in-depth on this book after Saturday once I meet the author (and get my book signed :)

In other news, I think I’ll start keeping a journal. I have the urge to. Forgetting history is the bane of my existence, so I may as well keep track of my own.

Peace ;)