Funny, I feel like I say that or some sort of variation of that in every single post. But on the serious side, I was listening to someone – I can’t remember who – recently said something along the lines of “It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re doing, or where you’re going, there’s always someone who has had an experience similar or the same. You’re not the only person, and someone else somewhere went through the same thing or something similar. You’re not special, when you think of it, basically everyone is the same more or less.

I love it when people say things like that. It really motivates me ;)

But when you think about it..isn’t that the plain truth? Someone, somewhere, sometime someone did the same thing. Someone thought the same thought. Someone felt like you did. I personally like to think that I’m a wee bit unique (I’ve never met anyone my age who owns a blog, is an active on many, many foras, and just like me in general. Maybe that’s why I’m not the most social person in real life?) but really, am I? Are you? Is anyone? It’s extremely likely that someone else thought/did/said/whatever the same that you did; come on, have you really ever thought about how many people there are on earth. Whether they have the same thought(s) as you, everyone on earth basically does the same think.

Then again, that could bring us to the “what’s the point in life” topic, of which I am not very fond of. Why are you not very fond of it, Anathema? Glad you asked. I think that when someone says that there’s one point in life and it’s the same for everyone..well, that just rubs me the wrong way. I mean, my purpose that I’ve chosen in life is to develop into an amazing writer (like L. j. Smith for example♥) , but then maybe someone elses purpose in life or main goal in life is to kill and murder as many people as they possibly can. Maybe all they want to do in life is please the elderly? Who knows, everyone has a different mind and different interests, so you can’t really say that the main point in life is to have pleasure, to live life to its fullest, to eat and not be eaten, ect. because the point in life (in my eyes) is really a case-by-case kind of thing.

But that’s off-topic. Speaking of off-topic, last night I wrote something like “I feel like..something bad is going to happen tomorrow”, and I had honestly no idea as to why. It’s not like there was a test or stupid thing like that today (and it wouldn’t have been bad anyway, I don’t mind tests and shit at all). But..something did. I can’t tell you what (like I’ve said so many times before, this is not a personal blog so I can’t just ramble about my personal life. Well, I could, but I solemnly refuse to.) , but something bad did happen. I don’t know how I knew, but I could feel it. Yes, I’m an extremely corny chick. Speaking of speaking of things, did I mention I started keeping a journal? I’m so failing at not bringing personal-ness into this.

Back to what I was actually talking about, having someone else at some point feeling or will feel the same way as you makes me feel kind of unspecial. Really, what’s the point of feeling something if someone else will regardless? It wouldn’t really matter if you did or if you did not as at some point someone else will also or someone else really did. I didn’t mean that to come off as unmotivational haha. But, it is very much true. Actually, what I quoted above I think that it was partly said from one person and partly said from another but my mind kind of combined them together. *Shrugs*