Well, the whole “am I proud to be an American” came into head when earlier today I was assigned a “Why are you proud to be an American” writing prompt in English class today. This reminds me of the “Do you think patriotism is important” prompt we had to do earlier (completely stupid; everyone knows that the grading teachers want a “yes it is very important, now will you please bend over so I can kiss it a wee bit more?”). But anyway, I asked for a alternate prompt from the teacher to do, stating that what if I wasn’t proud to be an American (bold statement alert) and what if I was a child who just moved here from China or somewhere, how would I answer it? She denied me an alternate prompt so I made do. Here’s what I’ve written (obviously not my best writing so no judging on it, but I figured some may enjoy reading it *smirks*)

I am proud to be an American because I have freedom of speech and can say virtually anything within laws and there will be no problem with it nor will I have to worry about my grade affecting my valued opinions. That is not to be confused with social acceptance regarding what you choose to say and how they choose to respond to what you have said.

As an American, I can vote as soon as I am eighteen, in a democratic country so we have less of a chance to get a bad president just because of the person’s heritage. Therefore, we can choose who leads our country once we become of age and the vice president as well.

I am proud to be an America because you have the freedom of religion if you choose, or if you choose not to. Although you can have that in other countries too. In addition, even if you cannot, in most if not a good many of them you can just leave if you do not agree with their religious standards that have been set by their individual government. Some people are happy to be in a situation that we personally think is terrible, and that’s the problem with us going into other countries and making judgments about how ours is better than theirs. Because they have only seen it their way, how their country runs, and their religion, so when we go into their country and try to make them like our country we are really only seeing it from our point of view, which probably differs greatly from there’s. In addition, other countries think that they have freedom of speech, and think that ours is restricted and we think the same as them.

I’m proud to live in a country where if you don‘t have the intelligence to be president or the CEO of a major business or go invent some new software, but throw a ball one hundred miles an hour, or hit a ball five hundred feet you can make more money than the intelligent person. I am proud to live a country where we pay physical barbarians and sweaty people hugging each other or bang heads on Sunday afternoons more than we pay our educators. I am proud to live in a country where you can get more money from unemployment benefits than you can from a real job.

I am proud to live in a country where you can choose your own path in life, so if I wanted to be that sweaty person, some homeless person, that person working for a major development business in China, or looking for some sleazy new bar to attend – whatever tickles you’re fancy within our laws, you can do it. Other countries have to actually work and get a good education, but here in America we have the freedom to make or break our life, by whatever means of doing so. That my friend is why I am proud to be an American.

And honestly, America isn’t as awesome as we like to pretend it is in general. Don’t get me wrong, my brother is in the coast guard so it would be awful for me to downright hate America, but we have our issues. We have money, in fact so many Americans have a surplus of money, yet we have people starving on the streets. Our own government had some top-secret crap released because someone with past employment in the government had some documents and leaked it. We choose to focus on sports, outside activities and just downright greed instead of education. Honestly, it’s no wonder that other countries are so much more smart than us. /Rant

By the way, I don’t effin’ care if that gets an F or I get in trouble for not being all “Oh Im da prod 2 b an American because it’s the bestest country 4legett we rokkk”. (And that writing in general is kind of bad haha)

PS. AW has passed 200 comments! Whoop whoop hehe :)