What the…is up with WordPress today? I wrote a really nice and pretty blog post, then clicked “save draft” and nothing saved and it just came up as two pictures *cries river of tears*. For the second time..

See that? Cyn Balog signed that. For me. Just me. Teehee. I’m giddy with pleasure at seeing that picture.
Off topic – sorry for being so..absent lately. I apologize. I have failed ye. But I’ve been very busy lately, very busy indeed. Once again, sorry.
Anyway, besides Cyn Balog having an awesome first name (I swear I mentioned that in another post) she also wrote a few really good books. I’ve only read one, but the plots in the other two look good as well.
But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I’m here to talk about something really interesting called “current references”. I noticed that Cyn Balog used a lot of current references in her book “fairy tale”. From music bands, to Axe, she put them in there. That can be a good thing, but it can also be a terrible thing for a book. Allow me to explain.
Pros of adding current references: It can just make it more relatable when it’s originally published. I know when I was a younger writer I thought it was clever to stick those little nasty current references in there thinking “oh yay mwahaha now these small-minded people will all like my writing more because it’s so much more relatable if I use things that are currently going on or are popular in their life.
Cons of adding current references: In fifty years from now will someone know what an IPod is? Will someone know what a dell is? Honestly, chances are that we’ll be much more advanced by then and kicking them to the road for the next big music player or computer.
I actually remember I read somewhere back forever ago where an author said something about how she used to add current references to her writing, and mentioned something about Brittney Spears in one of her writings. back when she was writing it Brittney Spears was basically the icon for famous pop. Now she just represents all the dirty *insert indecent word here* people. Yeah, not really the effect she intended for when she was in writing it.

Speaking of Cyn Balogs book, it was pretty good. You should read it, I had expected it to be some cheesy fairy book like the movie “The tooth fairy”, whereas it was actually a really good book. A really…different plot too. Here’s the exerpt from the back of it – “I pick it up, and it’s still warm, but yes, it is a fortune cookie. Just a normal, everyday fortune cookie. One that I’m sure didn’t exist fifteen seconds ago. Shaking my head, I break it open, pull out the silver peace of paper that read: ‘Don’t let me take them away from you’“. Now, that doesn’t give you a clue about what the book’s about, now does it? Well, I suppose that means that you’ll just have to get up off your hind end and go check out the book, now doesn’t it? ;)

Back to what I was talking about now. The moral? Don’t use terms or specific companies when writing. Instead of “She was so acting like Brittney spears” say something like “She was so acting like a….who…”. Instead of proper names, use descriptive words as opposed to comparing words. Instead of “the new IPhone” do “The cool new cell phone” or instead of “he sprayed on Axe” put “He sprayed on some….male perfume and it…”. And so forth.

Speaking of morals, there’s only eleven days until Christmas! Oddly enough I’m really not as excited this year, it seems like it’s coming in fast and I’m not really preparing or feeling for it. I suppose it’ll just be another holiday that originated from a religion yet was adapted by others and the world..and now is now busy brightening the eyes of a child. Those eyes my friend, are not mine.