I think it would be so awesome if you could create your own little world. I was always a fan of the type of game where you can like run a town – or anything. That may make me sound like a control freak heh heh…

If I could have a world, this is basically what it would be –



Name history: Unknown
Name literally meaning: Morbid impassivity, the absence of emotion.

We do not believe in having one person “in charge”, or what most would call a “president”. We believe that everyone is equal, no matter what age, job, or race. To make decisions we call a “gathering” and everyone in our “world” or “town” could come to it. Everyone would be seating either in chairs on logs around a large campfire in the middle of our circle of people (the campfire to keep everyone comfortable and to add to the atmosphere). If someone is supposed to receive a punishment, then whoever starts it that night will ask who agrees, and if more than fifty percent of the people agree than they get punished. If not they are freed. If they are being tried against slander or anything directly against a person, then in order for them to be on trial they must have at least two witnesses. We would then have everyone who wants to say something or anyone who has an idea to take turns speaking in front of the others. These “gatherings” would be held monthly on the full moon night of that month, starting around eight PM and ending around nine-ten PM. The gathering spot is in the middle of the place, so if anyone has something extremely important they can call a gathering early by ringing a bell that is on a post next to where the fire would be. It is generally frowned upon to call a gathering early if it is not extremely important.

This is a very, very small world with a human rate of only about five-hundred. That means that we all live close together in a small, village-like setting.

There are no “taxes” or “welfare” or “benefits”. Homes are passed down through families. No one is allowed to make another home unless they have a special circumstance for doing it (i.e. being given a small house from your family then ending up having seven children). But if a case such as the example I mentioned above occurs, it is generally preferred if you just switch homes with someone who has a large home but no family. We do it this way because we feel that it would be a waste of wood and materials to make new homes whenever someone becomes of age, and feel that it shouldn’t be a problem for the children and heirs of the family home to be stuck with their parents/grandparents for a while until they die. If you want to get married, the female moves into the male’s home with the males family (until they die. Their children – if they have any – live with them also).

Jobs are not a big issue or concern here. If you want to be a writer (author) for a living, then you write. You may sell your work at the market. If you do not make ends meat, then that sucks for you. It’s a good thing to have friends. But food and shelter shouldn’t be a problem if you cannot make ends meat from your job to pay for food. We have a river flowing through the center of our place so fishing is plentiful all year. If you’re married, the female (or..more feminine male. Yes, we support homosexual rights) does the cooking, cleaning, ect. and the male provides more. That is not set in stone though, the female may have a job also, or the male could cook and such. We also have about three families who are always willing to give you food if you are willing to do a certain amount of work for it, even though paying others to work isn’t typically enforced. In this place, you tend to do crafts more than labor (i.e. drawing, writing, making objects, sewing, black smith). Of course you wouldn’t get anywhere in a place if there was no one to do the hard work, but the farmers, home-builders, ect. are typically working because their father was, so there are select few others who make a living that way.

Our climate is almost always a gentle warm. We have a stream running through the center of our place (as I mentioned above) and the towering Floque mountains in the background, circling where we live. Even in the winter it’s pretty warm. It rarely snows; the last snow was about fifty years ago.

Some of the things in our mavour (basically, constitution) are

-No guns are permitted anywhere outside your home. You are not permitted to shoot animals or people. If you want to shoot then you must go outside our mountain borders and shoot out there. Anyone found to violate this will have one week of manual labor in the farmers home, and any guns they have taken away. As well as their right to carry a gun.
-Homosexual marriages and relationships are supported.
-Any sort of discrimination or slander is strictly forbidden. Anyone with a valid complaint (two+ people as a witness) against them will receive three weeks working for a black smith; no pay.
-No cars or any transportation devices are permitted. Any found will be burned, anyone with one in their permission will receive the punishment of four days cleaning up the mountains for litter and will not be permitted to participate in the market place.
-Any drug is legal as long as you don’t have any obvious public intoxication with them. You may use any drug you can make or buy, but you cannot cause anyone harm with it or show any side effects that may be harmful to others in public. Since we have no cars and guns are not permitted in the place, then little damage can be brought on by it
-No killing any animal or human. Anyone found to have killed a human will receive banishment from making decisions at the gatherings, will no be allowed to sell anything at the market. Must work for the farmer for the rest of his or her life. If a person is found to have killed an animal for food or any reason then they will work for the black smith for the rest of their life. It is not illegal to eat animals; but you can’t kill an animal for its meat. It must firs t be dead for you to eat it.
-No public arguing. If you disagree, then agree to disagree and leave each other be or come to a happy medium.
-Abortion is not supported.
-Death penalty is not supported.

All objects are made out of fallen tree wood (cutting down trees for wood is not permitted), found metal, rock, or clay.

“The Market” is a place that is located at the far north edge of the place where you can sell, trade, or buy food or objects. Slavery is not supported, but you may sell out your services if it is by your own will. Writers may sell their writings, artists may sell their paintings, farmers may sell their milk, musicians may play for money, and so on. Nothing is limited. If you disobey some of our laws from above you may not be able to use the market though. You may sell drugs at the market place. You may not sell your body at the market place.

We do not use money; we trade objects or get them or make them ourselves, then sell or buy them ourselves.

We do not use any electricity; we use solar-powered objects and solar panels. We do have computers and CDs, but we do not use cell phones.

That’s basically what mine would be.