I kind of like New Years eve and day for a few different reasons – staying up all night to watch some big ball drop in New York (ha-ha am I the only one who though that sounded dirty?), the fire works…and yes, it means that there will be only twenty-eight days left until my birthday. Indeed, very exiting.

In case you were wondering, for my birthday all I desire is a bunny or a guinea pig. I had a bunny when I was really little, but then it died. I remember it getting some sort of chicken pox skin-thing, but I may have just imagined that. I had a guinea pig up until a year or two ago. It was four years old when it died :( Not that many care, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

What have I learned/found out/do this year? Glad you’re curious –

  • I realized that Eminem and Emilie Autumn are possibly the best in the music industry since Bach.
  • I found out that blogging is an amazing thing; you can say virtually anything you like and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Sure, someone could comment bitching about it, but then there’s that handy “delete comment” feature :) Not that I would delete a comment for opposing my opinion(s), as I’m always up for a good debate.
  • That people are trouble. Seriously. Sometimes I wonder why whatever being or force of nature keeps  us here; all we do is pollute, mess up our surroundings, and just generally mess up everything that’s around us. We have beautiful animals around us, and we eat them. We have a lovely sunset above us, and we put our smoke and polluting things into the air.
  • I’ve also learned that Super Mario is quite possibly the best game ever invented. Really, play it – link. I also got the Super Mario thing-ey for Wii, and it’s addicting as crack. Not that I would know how addicting crack is.
  • German is also one of the most amazing languages ever. I didn’t realize that until I took German this year. I’ve always thought that French was a pretty language to listen to, but it turns out that German is a much more fun language to speak.
  • That people tend to say more things by looks, than they do by actually speaking out loud.
  • That if you don’t let go of your past, you’ll never get a chance to move forward.
  • America sucks.

That’s basically some of the main things I remember from 2010. Only four days until 2011. Know what that means?

It means that the rumor-whatever about something bad happening on 2012 will be one year closer to being disproved.

Cheers to everyone having big nights in four days or so ;D