Oh noes, do I smell a short post whose sole purpose is to tell you what I’m going to be posting? Yes. Yes you do.

Starting 2011 I seriously will make a point to make at least one post a day. But that’s not really the main thing in this post, because I try to do that anyway (but usually fail and post bi daily).

Anyway, starting 2011 and that whole week (from the first of January to the seventh of January) I will be posting some queer facts. I mean queer in the “odd or unusual” way, not in the way meaning “homosexual”. I say that because more times than not people assume “queer” to mean homosexual when it doesn’t always. A whole week of twenty random facts a day. Simply because that week I can’t post long, thought-stimulating posts. Also, facts are neat. What better way to start off the new year than some interesting, completely useless facts? (Well, if you’re ever on some random game show they may be helpful. Hehe)

And that’s all folks.