I just had to make a blog post today. I mean, I was going to not write one today because tomorrow the whole fact-ey week starts…but I couldn’t resist making the last AW blog post of 2010.

I figure I may as well make a semi meaningful post.

I do believe that racism should be completely legal. Slander and discrimination however, should not be. See if I wanted to make a blog post on here titled “Muslims are planning to bomb Florida and eat their children” or “Lets burn all Jews” (these are examples, I don’t believe either of the previously stated things) then that should be legal. I’m pretty sure it already is since the American government does not own AW, I do. And as long as I’m not actually arranging with others (i.e. The KKK) to get a bonfire ready to burn a certain race, then I don’t see a problem with it.

I think that racism currently is completely legal in America – you can dislike someone because they’re a [insert a commonly targeted race here] but you cannot choose not to serve them in a public restaurant (for example) because of that. That, is infringement upon someones rights to be served. If it is a private company, that may be a different story though. Or if you choose not to hire someone to work at your restaurant because they’re [insert a commonly targeted race here] then that’s infringing upon someones right to be hired.

Slander is aimed at one person in particular, racism is aimed at a complete race. If I pointed to a [insert a commonly targeted race here] in a restaurant and (attempted) to make them get out of the restaurant and disturbed them, while saying “You and the rest of the [insert a commonly targeted race here]’s are going to bomb Florida!” then that’s aiming a [lie] at one particular person, targeting them. That’s slander. Racism would be if I made a blog post saying that all [insert a commonly targeted race here]s eat children. And like I said, I don’t have a problem with that as long as the person who made the blog post is not actually planning to aim that at a random person of that race that they see on the street. That, would be slander/discrimination. And don’t get me wrong, not all racism is negative. I could say that Chinese people have beautiful eyes (which by the way, is true in my opinion. But does that mean I’m racist?), but that’s not negative. It is racism though. So if racism laws were in effect I could get thrown in jail/juvey because I said that all Chinese people have beautiful eyes. Wouldn’t that be kind of messed up?

Regarding “freedom of speech” – I have a right to say whatever I choose. But the person next to me has the right to not be physically, mentally, or verbally abused. So should racism be illegal? Depends how you perceive it. But like I said, if it’s slander or discrimination then I don’t think it should be.

Besides, If I said “All [insert a commonly targeted race here]s smell like ____”, yes it may offend the [insert a commonly targeted race here] who hear or read what I said, but most people will know that is not true. I mean, people are like snowflakes (everyone is different) so it’s kind of impossible for every [insert a commonly targeted race here] to smell like ____ unless all of the [insert a commonly targeted race here]s somehow cleverly arranged to smell like _____ by using the same perfume or whatever. And even with that, everyone has a different body (it would be odd if we didn’t) so everyones’ body may react different to it henceforth making it smell differently on those different individuals. But that’s going astray from my point.

Those are just my thoughts though. I love a good debate, if you think differently feel free to make use of the comment box at the bottoms *smirks*

Cheers to 2011.

[insert a commonly targeted race here]