I was thinking of doing this poem for the poetry slam at the end of the year – I figure that unless my small poetry skill increases by the end of the year, this will be as good as it gets.

When my mom read it she was like “Do we need to take you to some counseling?” *laughs*.

Anyway, I love feedback and criticism. Enjoy (or don’t enjoy). Now read. Just do it.

She’s doubting herself, yes, and doubting it well
Whether her story is worth the effort to tell
She’s flushed with pain, the same pain that will scar
Her life has a destiny but that destiny’s afar

“I’ll set the town on fire”
she said, “just for you to watch it glow”
You could have at least sat there with me
to watch the midnight show

But For you it was another game
Her heart was the pawn
Because in your group, you craved the fame
She realized this, crying in the twilight-filled lawn.

Now She shows her shame and her shame she wore
Animosity for herself for herself to adore
Kill herself now, since you’re out it’s the time,
She committed it well and it was but a crime.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”
A wise man once spoke
But those who’ve not experienced just cannot fathom
The memory of the bloody mattress left to soak

She now wears the scars like trophies
Of her burdened and ominous past
In a ceramic world where one wrong word could knock her out,
And yet she fell so fast?

The best thing, oh yes
Was what she left for you for keep
Was for you to be the finder of her pale flesh, and place her in the coffin
Her human body is forever asleep

But She’ll find another dimension
one that’s nothing like your own
She will end up as a the heroine and ruler over all the creatures there
on the broken heart throne

In this new world she still recalls her past,
But thinking of what you did makes her misty eyed
All the pain and depression can still last
She wants to forgive, wants to forget, but that want won’t stop the pain from inside

So she’ll write her love for you in her blood,
The blood will leave behind a trace,
Because memories are something,
Even Time cannot erase

Now, does that make sense? Does it sound bad?