I remember having a contest called “Beauty is…” that was hosted in my school a year or so ago. It was where you would paint/draw a picture, write a poem, make a video, ect. of what beauty meant to you. That actually has nothing to do with what the remainder of this post is about, but I figured that it was worth mentioning.

In Church the other day, the topic was “beauty”. To put it in a nutshell, it was about how outer beauty fades over time, and outer beauty can be forged and isn’t real beauty. Real beauty comes from the inside. What’s my take on that? Well,  I strongly agree with that.

Once you turn the age of forty, you slowly start shrinking in size (the cartelage in your spine starts to leave your body which literally is making less of you. That’s also partly why older people tend to have arthritis. That’s your new knowledge for the day) and getting wrinkles and just frankly, loosing the outer beauty that you may or may not have had when you were younger. Of course, that may start at an earlier or later age for some — everyones body is different.

Not everyone is born with high cheek bones, deep eyes, and fair skin (which is shown to be a very common interpretation of beauty). Of course a good lot are born pretty — but only few are born really “beautiful”. I think that for someone to be truly “beautiful” they have to be beautiful inside and out.

For example — if someone in New York had golden hair, golden skin, large blue eyes, a petet nose, and was a nice height they are mostly likely considered beautiful (because, like I mentioned above that is the common interpretation of beauty in New York at least) but if they say, constantly picked their nose or constantly talked pervertidly then chances are, they won’t have as beautiful a flair to them.

I think that using clothes and make-up and such you can feign an outer beauty for others to see — and people will think you really are. But if they’re nice and lovely on the inside – beautiful on the inside – then they have every right to do that. Frankly, if you’re beautiful on the outside then what reason do you have not to be confident (there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance) and feel good about yourself and brodcast that to others? I know quite a few of people who like to wear make-up/dresses everyday because it makes them feel good about themselves. But don’t take what I just said to mean that I support people who just go and buy the latest clothes and are centered on them — clothes are just an object that can be taken away easily. Your heart/mind/personality cannot be taken away as easily.  Of course though, your heart can be taken away as well as your personality and mind. Just it would be much more difficult and would take much..stronger forces. I’ll leave your mind/heart to decide what those forces could possibly be.