Yes, I realize that there has been an absence of posts for about..three days? Four? I can’t be bothered to check the date of the last post. But honestly, I didn’t abandon you – I clicked “add new post” every one of those three or four days. But I was at a loss for words. No idea what to write about.

Should I have written about how I find it interesting that ‘fickle’ rhymes with ‘pickle’? About how my favorite bookstore is closing? About school deliemas? *Shrugs* Shoot me for me having ‘writers block’.

Speaking of writers block, I was in my aunts home today. Her husband has a book of stories from forever ago – and on the cover it has real Mark Twain writing. I couldn’t read what it said (I’m terrible at reading old  cursive), but it was dated January first 1888. I’m mentally poking  myself with a burning stick now for not taking a picture of it *growls*.

But that’s not what this post is going to be about – I had you going there didn’t I? You thought that this post was going to be about Mark Twains writing that I found. HA – jokes on you. I’m going to write about how I detest the fact that Mark Twains novel – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer – are and were being rewritten. Pure madness.

It’s so disrespectful to a pure classic that it’s being rewritten to turn the word “Ni**er” and “Injun” into “Native American” and “Indian”. Changing the words changes the feeling of the words that Mark Twain scrawled in his time period. I’m sure they wouldn’t have used the words “Native American” and “Indian” back in his time period.

Also, it’s not the publics book to rewrite. Sure, the book is in the public domain since Mark Tawin has been dead for X amount of time, but we didn’t write the book. It isn’t our imagination that brought to life those characters and settings – henceforth it will always belong to Mark Twain, and never the public (in my opinion). It’s so disrespectful to change his words after his death. If(when) I write a book, and when I’m dead for X amount of years – I would turn over in my grave if someone were to diminish the feelings in my book and change what I wrote. I’m deeply saddened by this rewriting, as I hope you are. I’m hoping that the people who rewrote it will get a backlash (even if it’s a late one..) and that no one will buy the new rewritten books.

I can see why they would rewrite them, as those words may be offensive to people..but if we were to take every book that contains an offensive word and rewrite it we would find ourselves at a point where there are to many books and not enough time. I mean seriously, how many books for someone over the age of fourteen have you seen not contain at least one potentially offensive word? Books are typically better if they’re semi relatable (in my opinion, once again. And that’s not always the case) and in every day life you always come across things offensive – stereotypes, curse words, and well, similar things..