Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.  ~Malachy McCourt

You may or may not know, that recently I’ve been in a girl fight. “Oh Ana, by ‘girl fight’ what do you mean?” By ‘girl fight’ I mean this (and this is typically how fights in our school go): two people both strongly dislike each other. But instead of physical violence it’s more of rumor spreading, telling people this and that, and such. Guys can do it too — but you see it more in high and middle schools between girls. I was in one of those ‘girl fights’ (not to be sexist…) recently with this female.

In a nut shell here’s what happened: In the beginning of the year I was friends with the girls boyfriend, she didn’t like that. I suppose she felt I was a “threat” to her. I was just friends with him, and seriously didn’t like him at all ‘in that way’. But she made him stop talking to me and I got mad and was talking to her friend and said something involving her being a jealous B*tch and some other things (stupid and immature, I know). And she returned it by spreading some rumors about this and that. Some other things happened too, but I would rather not say them on here because my ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ read my blog (Obvious fail is obvious).

If you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot.  ~Korean Proverb

I don’t think I really hated her at all — even when I found out that she spread rumors about me (although you could say that it was only fair for her to do so since I had said something about her. Though, I only said it to one or two people, she said it to many. Two wrongs rarely make a right though). I think that I like drama. It keeps life interesting. That’s probably why I didn’t just accept that they were in a wrong relationship (in a good relationship they should have been able to trust each other enough to keep friendships with the opposite sex without getting any romantic feelings) and accept that he didn’t see how…terrible it was that she told him basically not to be friends with me because she didn’t trust him.

I think that the more people you love, the easier it is to love people. Naturally, the same thing is with the opposite feeling; the more people you hate, the easier and quicker you are to hate. Isn’t that interesting?

Don’t be takin’ sips of HATER-AID!

Personally, I try not to hate people or keep grudges. I do have a bit of a temper, but it usually wears off in a day or two. Seriously. “Isn’t that hard?” Yes, very much so. But, I know that I would hate it if I did something to someone and then apologized and they still disliked me. Not that everyone has to apologize to be forgiven — it just speeds up the process of forgiveness. I also think that if you were in the person you hates’ shoes, you may be ashamed at yourself. I remember watching a video awhile ago about this guy who got harmed as a child by two older children in his neighborhood. He loathed them and didn’t forgive them until he was older and went to see them and ask them why they did that to him. They told him about how their father had beaten them as children, and they thought it was OK and that it was appropriate to do that to people you are in control over. I think that’s so sad.

Like with the girl that I was in a girl fight with — what if her dad constantly cheated on her mom, so she is afraid that her boyfriend might (hence making her not want me to be around him)? I’m almost 99% sure that’s not the case since I briefly knew her years ago, but if I had not known her then that could be very likely. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I see it kind of like this: Keeping a grudge and being angry at someone is like being a bee and resting in the inside sole of a shoe. Just stupid, because you have no idea what the person [you hate/dislike] is going through and is thinking

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself.  ~Harriet Nelson