Now now children, lets hear a wee-bit of information about this person “Anathema”.

Why hello there. My name is Anathema NyX, but you can call me Ana if you wish to. I am of an unknown age (you never ask a lady her age!) , am from the land of Nerdfighteria, adore chess, love Field hockey, love Eminem, strongly like Emilie Autumn, and Slyterin (I doubt if the spelling is correct, but I like Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy in the Harry potter series).

I am a vegetarian and an aspiring author. I plan to have my firs t book published within three years. I am addicted to the internet. In fact, that’s an understatement; the internet is my life. My source of information. My friend (I just sound sad now haha).

I’m writing this blog because I love having a place where I can say virtually anything (and everything) and there’s no one to be like “*shakes head* Ana…”. Well, except my mom who sometimes reads my  blog. Creepy, I know. But anyway, I also like writing this blog because in order for you to get better at writing you must 1) write. 2) write. 3) write more. So keeping this is drastically helping m improve and develop my writing skills more and more each day. Also, writing out what your thinking can help you get what you’re thinking straight and you can learn things through that while you’re writing it. And, it’s just fun. When this blog stops becoming fun  I’ll stop writing it. Period. Wait – the period isn’t to be placed yet! I would also say, that in this blog I would like to leave you with some nice, thought-provoking posts. Enjoy. Period.

Anyway, I live for your comments and love everyone who will take the time to read one of my posts. *Hands cookies out* No, this isn’t a bribe..

June 11th 2010



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ferdinand Says:

    Dear Anathema,

    I am in the process of building a site for writers, I have a busy performance schedule so am head hunting other artistes & writers to assist me with this project, there are currently paid positions as editors & moderators.

    Please consider applying.

    Best Regards,
    Director, Carpe Diem.IM

    1. Anathema Says:

      Good luck with it :)
      I would, but sorry I have no way to contact you other than Email, and I don’t use Email, and I’ve already got my hands full with other things regardless.
      Thanks for commenting, (and sorry for the late reply)
      Anathema NyX

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