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I’m so lazy haha. I bet my mind is purposely making me not have any idea for a good post. I have such a clever mind at times. (Merry Christmas! I <3 you (as does Jesus.). *Bursts out laughing* I just had to add that last part for lulz.

Country turkey noodle soup

Ingredients –

  • 3 cans (14 1/2 oz. each) Swanson clear (more…)


Stress from the holidays left me with uncreativity – so presto! Here is a recipe.

Teatime muffins (more…)

Here’s another tutorial :) I’m getting used to this neat video making thing. This tutorial is how to make rainbow text in GIMP.

View video tutorial –

In case you’re not a visual learner or the video sucks that badly, here are the steps that the video shows:

  1. Change the background of your test/learning image to black. (more…)

Well, due to my lack of inspiration and creativity today I have decided to share simply a recipe with you. Also, Christmas (or simply December 25th if you happen to be in a religion that doesn’t celebrate it) is nearing, so I figured a pretty ‘lil cookie recipe would be in order. Santa loves this kind of cookie, as do his elfs, Mrs.Claus, and the reindeer. Although his reindeer seem to prefer carrots :)

Lolled Xmas cookies (more…)

How to be a good commenter

1.  Actually read the blog post. Wow, a hard one. If you comment “Hey, what’s up” or “How did you make your theme” or something in the nature of that, then how do people know you actually read it? You can’t make a contributing comment if you didn’t read it, as you wouldn’t know what the post is about. Also, blogs are mainly text-based, so not reading the post(s) is basically defeating the purpose of it. If you don’t want to read, then go find a picture book.

2. Use proper grammar, spelling, and puncuation. It bothers me so much when someone tipes liek dis, ya no. It makes you look like an idiot, make your look unprofessional, and makes you look like an eleven year old girl who just discovered a keyboard ;) Who wants that kind of comment, even if it does even semi contribute?

3. Slander increases your likelyness to get a STD, cancer, and breast cancer (‘specially if you’re a male). Don’t make comments being rude or obnoxious to the blog owner or fellow commentors. Common manners are so easily forgotten now-in-days.

4.  Don’t post links in your comment. Chances are, your comment will just automatically be marked as spam. You can comment like this if you wish, but the owner of the blog will know you’re a spammer and most likely block you.

5. Using keyword names is so effin’ annoying. Don’t do it. Do. Not. Do. It. First of all, if someone wants to reply to you, how stupid will it look and sound if they say “Hello car free insurense,” or something like that? It makes it less personal too. And shows that you’re only there for an easy backlink (and even if you are only there for a backlink, you should at least try to contribute a  bit in return for that free backlink. If you make a helpful post or something there, they may check it out simply for that reason also ;)

Let me present to you something new, starting off with a brief..I almost want to say that I’m going to act like I’m selling the idea to you at first..

Have you got friends? A good job? A good education? Who needs all that! CTRL+V it by simply following this “How to be an asshole” guide, specifically written to satisfy any wanna-be assholes needs! Now, without further adu..

  • Step on peoples shoes – hey, we all love getting our shoes all muddy and dirty, why not help others do it too?
  • Hack forums and websites – bleh, regardless of the fact that people spend good hours upon hours working on it, and it becomes some peoples second homes – what the heck?! They’re just wasting their time on it anyway, you’re actually doing them a favor.
  • Tweet everyones secrets and private information – since you know about it, then it’s not actually technically a secret anymore…
  • Ram into people while playing flag football – it’s not actually against the rules to make contact with people, now is it? Ram into your peers like there’s no tomorrow! You’ll just be one step closer to being a full-on asshole!
  • Pass people in a no-passing zone – If the cop didn’t see it, then it didn’t happen. They won’t mind; I’m sure the other cars will obviously realize that I’m training to be up To Olivers professional assholes level of asshole-ism.
  • Speak in other languages to someone in front of peers – it’s not that annoying..heh what do your peers think you’re talking about? Them? Naw, you’re not that ass-ey..
  • Talk as loud as humanly possible – oh yeah, this one is attractive. Talk as loud as you can; it makes you sound so smart. There may be some semi deaf person across the room too.
  • Constantly “nudge” or “Buzz” someone on Yahoo Messenger/Windows messenger – Not only  does it occasionally freeze their screen, but it could distract them from something less important that they’re doing in another tab! Oh yeah!
  • Touching is the key – Yay physical contact! *Pops the personal space bubble* Bleh, who needs that blasted bubble anyway? It just stopped you from touching your peers hair, face, ect. and helps clog your route to the lane of asshole-ism!
  • You know it all – You’re the Furor. You’re the master. You’re higher than Obama. Cooler than Emilie Autumn and Eminem combined. You’re hot shit, man. You know it all; why not share that with everyone by telling them when they are grammatically incorrect, or when you find something wrong with what they say or do?

Duh-duh-duh-duh that’s all folks! ;) Part two may or may not come out eventually.

(C) Sarcastic humour inc.

Today, I was sitting in sixth period math class like I usually am, and started thinking about what to blog about today — as I normally do in that boring excuse for a class. Then, I thought “Hey, I have absolutely no inspiration for a blog post today!”. And that’s when it struck me. Why not make a blog post…about blog posts? Let me explain; how about ways to get blog post ideas, give some blog post ideas, and things of that nature? Yes, that sounds just about right.

Inspiration, oh what a glorious thing..

I normally find inspiration for my blog posts in my everyday life, for example, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you will probably remember my post from awhile back about how I disagree with braces being forced upon teenagers. That inspiration came from a friend of mine getting braces and being ticked that she had no say as to whether she got them or not. Another post I wrote about is religion; I’m in a religion where I disagree a lot with, and think about it a lot. I also wrote about a whole bunch more in the past, and well, to sum it up I normally get my inspiration for blog posts in everyday life with everyday things. I find the trick to interesting blog posts is to go in-depth about something that everyone (or many) notice but don’t typically give thought to. Or to write about something that you would want to read a blog post about. Regardless, here are some things that I would want to read about if it was a general-like blog:: jealousy, can the internet make people less social in real life?, and why people are mean – to name a few. If it was targeted toward webmasters I would want to read about:: ‘Content or design?’, ‘is it possible to make a successful forum in an over-crowded market?’, and ‘can your forum colors effect your forum’ – to name a few.

Grr brain fart…

Don’t you hate brain farts? They’re almost as bad as the other kind..but that’s a whole different story. Anywho, when I can’t think of anything to write about I normally just go and take a shower, role play, and/or free write some scenes. These probably won’t work for everyone (I know it doesn’t work for everyone) but after asking some friends and peers (and one person I found walking across a road..) what they do for inspiration in times of these ever so dangerous brain farts I have accumulated these replies:

–Take a shower

–Sleep (and dream)


–Role play

–Call a friend

–Read a book

–Listen to music


–Free write

–Watch TV

–Solve math problems

–Take a walk/run

–Sit outside and listen to nature

Some of them..I’m not so sure about; but they must work for some person out there..heh. I liked the one girl who said she “danced” the lack of inspiration off.

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