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Back in the depths of last year, I read the book “Star Girl” by Jerry Spinelli, after a recommendation of it (from two people, may I add). Yesterday I finished the sequel to it – “Love, Star Girl”.

Here’s the first books (“Star Girl”) back of the (more…)


I was thinking of doing this poem for the poetry slam at the end of the year – I figure that unless my small poetry skill increases by the end of the year, this will be as good as it gets.

When my mom read it she was like “Do we need to take you to some counseling?” *laughs*.

Anyway, I love feedback and criticism. Enjoy (or don’t enjoy). Now read. Just do it.

She’s doubting herself, yes, and doubting it well
Whether her story is worth the effort to tell
She’s flushed with pain, the same pain that will scar
Her life has a destiny but that destiny’s afar

“I’ll set the town on fire”
she said, “just (more…)

I was thinking today (you guessed it; during math class) and writing, as I typically do. That combined with me remembering something I read long, long ago (or maybe someone said it..or maybe I never read it or no one said it. Who knows.)  about when characters in a story “show” not “tell”.

Telling from a writers language is basically coming right out and saying “She left.” or “I’m scared.” or something along those lines. Showing (more…)

So, one day in a land full of unicorns, Eminem, Emilie Autumn, YA novels, and blogs, an average female who calls herself  “Anathema” could not think of a way to start off a review. See, she strongly dislikes beginning a review or any kind of writing without an opening that makes the reader want to read more. So what did that female do? She went to log into her fancy ‘lil blog to write a post about it.

I hate to (more…)

What the…is up with WordPress today? I wrote a really nice and pretty blog post, then clicked “save draft” and nothing saved and it just came up as two pictures *cries river of tears*. For the second time..

See that? Cyn Balog signed that. For me. Just me. Teehee. I’m (more…)

Ugh, my stomach is killing me. It feels like I’m hungry..but I’m also not. Isn’t that odd?

Anyway, I’ll start with my amazing meeting with the author ” Jennifer Murgia”. A sales clerk at a book store told me about the book signing that was happening with her last Monday, so here on this Saturday I got to meet her and got (more…)

Well, this post is about a cluster of different books – hence the bad title which gives you very little clue as to what this post is actually about.

The Vampire Diaries book two: the fury and dark reunion

Oh my…if you’re thinking to yourself “Hey, does this Ana-chick have something for L. J. Smith?..”, well your answer is yes. His books are (more…)

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